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Case Studies
A Virtualization Project for Cyprus
See how a local integrator won a bid to supply the equipment and implement a Virtualization solution for their customer
​​The Challenge
As email remains one of the core IT applications for all organizations and the main form of business communication, end-customers typically understand the need for latest technology solutions which would empower their employees in their daily tasks and objectives.
The customer, an offshore financial firm, expressed the need for a more robust email solution, one which would built on existing infrastructure and provide users with additional functionality as well as advanced email capabilities.
Our first challenge as the technology distributor was to bring together the appropriate team from Logicom, the partner, and the customer.  Their task was to work together productively in order to understand the business requirements and in turn put together the appropriate hardware and software configuration to match the requirements, but also the customer’s budgetary constraints.  The whole process required immense flexibility on the part of all project stakeholders.

The Solution
Logicom experts were able to ‘translate’ the customer business need into a set of technical requirements and project tasks for upgrading the existing hardware and software solutions and migrating older ones, ending up with the latest Microsoft Exchange solution and a new version of SQL database as well as a virtualization software solution from VMware and a disaster recovery solution from Symantec.
Logicom assisted the partner in registering the specific opportunity with the vendors and securing preferential treatment in pricing the bid as well as protection from competition during the bidding process.  Beyond pricing, Logicom assisted the partner in the bid submission process by matching the solution with the technical requirements table, all relevant data sheets, certification or necessary technical documentation.

The Results
The partner, a Logicom reseller, won the tender against 3 other competitors to supply the necessary equipment and software, implement the entire solution at the end-customer’s site and support the installation via a long term maintenance contract.
Logicom ensured prompt delivery of the equipment within the timeframes requested by the partner and the bid rules, while the partner proceeded to successfully implement the solution on end-customer’s schedule and premises.  During implementation Logicom was able to connect the partner with vendor remote technical support.
Logicom and partner worked well together to follow up and maintain a close relationship with the customer and eventually secured additional projects contributing significantly to the vendor’s targets and profitability.


“Our close and strategic relationship with key vendors and our in-house solution expertise made it possible for us to quickly determine the most appropriate hardware, licensing and delivery strategy to ensure the best value for our customer”
Andreas Theopemptou
Commercial Accounts Manager, Logicom