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A Partner Breadth Project for Dubai
See how Logicom creates new partners for vendor APC

​The Challenge

​​​Logicom Dubai signed a distribution agreement wtih APC in 2009. Consequently, Logicom's next step was to develop a new customer base straight away. The issue was that APC already had 6 other distributors working in the region and APC's current channel partners did not want to move their business to Logicom​.

The Solution

The only solution available was to recruit new partners for APC. The Logicom Dubai Team conducted their partner research and began to recruit partners who were more focused in the electrical channel, as well as smaller traders and system integrators. They supported their new channel partners with special pricing, education and training, as well as by helping them to become APC partners.

The Results 

​​​Logicom Dubai is substantially growing their APC business YoY by not only providing first class support to their existing customer base, but also​ by continually seeking opportunities to grow their business.


Our biggest advantage was our willingness to find new opportunities in a crowded market and to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that are built on trust and an understanding of each other requirements.
Srijit Nair
APC Product Manager